Consequences of Not Paying Council Tax on Your Property                                       

Council tax is for every homeowner who has a property that has residents for years. Some properties inhabited under certain circumstances may be exempted from paying this. It is not uncommon for owners of such dwellings to think of how to avoid paying council tax on an empty property. Ideally, you can check with your local council to verify if your inhabited property comes under the circumstances where you do not need to pay this tax.

Experts strongly recommend every homeowner to pay council tax every month on time. If you do not pay it or delay paying it, you are more likely to be subject to recovery proceedings. It may also cause you to lose your right to pay council tax through installments.

Here is what you may experience if you do not pay council tax for your property on time.


If you miss paying your council bill late will get you a reminder notice through the post. This notice will have the payable amount and a due date for payment so that you can update your account balance. It will require you to pay the amount within a week from the date mentioned on the reminder notice. If you still do not pay the council tax, the organization will send you another reminder notice giving you another seven days from the date mentioned on the notice.

Final Notice 

If you fail to answer the first two reminders, your local council will send you the final notice with a letter of cancellation of your installments. It means you will have to pay the balance amount of your tax account in the tax year at once.

Summons & Sentences

When you fail to pay after notices, you will get summon to appear before the magistrate court, incurring additional costs to your council tax. You will also get liability orders if you cannot pay before the hearing date. It can further result in costly fines and jail sentences.


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