Tax Filing for Minors and General Tax Information

Tax time is a great time of the year for many people. They get back a refund and this generally makes them happy. It is also a troubling time because no one likes to pay taxes or fines to the IRS. Still, everyone must file, and this requirement also extends to minors who work. Keep reading to find out more information about taxes and the general rules for minors filing taxes. 

April 15th Is Usually the Deadline to File Taxes 

According to Wikipedia, April 15 is the official last day for all working U.S. citizens to file taxes. Workers that do not file their taxes by this date are subject to fines and penalties. April 15th is also known as Tax Day and it signals the end of the tax season within a given year. By the way, tax season begins in late January. The actual date in January will vary each year. Sometimes, the government will extend the end of tax season to give people more time to file.

Working Minors and Taxes 

By law, minors are not required to work until they are legally old enough to provide for themselves. Remember, parents are responsible for their kids basic needs up until the time they are 18-years-old. Young people usually start working around the age of 16. Some children will start earning a paycheck as young as 12. Regardless of the age a child starts to work, the IRS requires them to pay taxes. Dependents must file a tax return if they make over $6,350. Truthfully, they should be filing taxes because the government expects them too. It doesn’t matter how much they make or length of time on the job. A minor must file a return for any amount of time they worked a job within the current filing year. A CPA like the professionals at groups like can help you with your taxes.

Minors Can File Taxes and Still Be Claimed as Dependents 

Here is some more important information about minors and tax returns. Minors are considered dependents if their parents paid more than half of their support and provided them with a residence within a given tax year. Parents who meet these criteria can claim the minor child and the minor child can still file a return. A minor probably won’t get back much on their return. Still, they can get back some money as a reward for working in the previous year. Parents should never allow their minor children to file taxes as an independent filer. They will lose money this way and their minor child usually will not get back a bigger return. Remember, children under 18 are taxed higher because they generally do not support anyone. 

When Will You Get Your Refund? 

All tax filers who are set to receive a refund will usually get it between 6 – 8 weeks. The IRS might delay a return for various reasons. In some instances, people get their refund a lot sooner than expected. Most people spend their tax refunds paying off debt and other people spend their money on major purchases, or they save it.

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