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Eas tag

They have provided millions of jobs to people. There is a need to protect these jobs from the common threat of shoplifting. According to a recent conference, stakeholders highlighted the need to employ technology to combat the menace.

By any chance, do you think EAS products have the right to be in your store? If that’s the situation, you must learn of the difference the EAS can make to your business. Therefore, we take a look at some of the benefits of the EAS tag:

Comprehending EAS

THE Electronic Article Surveillance is a system designed to prevent loss in businesses. The system makes use of antennas that get placed at the entrances and exits of business premises. The idea is to form an invisible gate. The eas tag gets equipped with a technology that can pick active tag passes. After picking the tag, it passes it to the antenna, which triggers the alarm.

The tags get attached to merchandise items in the manufacture or the store or the packaging process. Once an active tag passes past the EAS, the alarm is triggered, alarming the security body or the sales associates of the fishy business.

Benefits of EAS Tags

  • Deters robbery

One of the significant benefits of the technology is deterring theft. The technology got discovered in 1993. During its introduction into the market, sales increased in significant shops, proving to be an effective discovery. Before then, most premises used to go through huge losses, but once the technology started getting used, losses became non-existing. From there henceforth, most businesses adopted the one-of-a-kind technology.

  • Staff safety is improved.

After the installation of this unique technology in your store, shoplifters tend to keep off immediately. That means your sales associates will no longer be under pressure to keep an eye on any shoplifters.  In the process, any confrontations with shoplifters reduce. The safety of your employees improves. Employees begin focusing on selling products and not on the safety of the product. Practicing these improves your daily store sales.

  • Supports open display of goods

Without the technology in place, shoplifting is likely to happen, especially on high-value goods. To ensure they are not available to shoplifters, most stores have display cases and cabinets to ensure they are safe. The introduction of the technology allows an open display for the merchandise and boosts sales.

  • Customer service is improved.

The key to a highly competitive retail environment is customer service. The primary factor for customer service is ensuring items are always available to customers. Shelves being empty due to insecurity such as shoplifting send a wrong impression to the customers. Installation of the technology can switch the store’s priority from security and loss prevention to maximizing sales through improving customer service.

  • Inexpensive

Many might think that the installation of the technology is expensive, but that is not the case. Manufacturers can fit tags into items making the process inexpensive. Attaching tags onto your products is an excellent investment since it ensures you do not undergo losses in your business.

Among other benefits of the EAS is that it is easy to operate and return on investment. Irrespective of the size of your store, there is a need to apply this technology due to its benefits.

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