Liability Insurance for Yoga Instructors: Coverage 101

When it comes to being passionate about yoga, you will find that most instructors have passion in spades. Most are patient and willing to help students work at their own pace due to their love of the exercise. It is understandable, as yoga can be an enriching and gratifying experience. However, just because an instructor is passionate does not mean that they can practice yoga without the right type of coverage.

It might seem like a strange notion, but working as a yoga instructor without coverage practically guarantees that you get in trouble in the near future. Even if you happen to have the best of intentions, keep in mind that the smallest accident can have severe consequences. Here are just a few reasons why yoga instructor insurance at Next Insurance is a good idea.

You never know what could happen

Unfortunately, even some of the most starry-eyed yoga instructors have become the victim of a few unfortunate lawsuits. Even if you might not have meant for something to happen, there is always the risk as no-one is created equal. Here are just a few examples of the lawsuits you could end up receiving if you are not careful:

  • Generally, an umbrella term for all manner of unfortunate incidents, it just goes to show how risky it can be not to have coverage.
  • Lack of training. Even if you might have all of the knowledge you feel you need to get the job done, most individuals can take advantage of a lack of certification through a lawsuit.
  • Unsolicited physical manipulation. Sometimes, all it takes is a single pulled muscle for one to come crashing down. Even if you have the best intentions, if a student gets hurt due to unsolicited physical manipulation, you can expect a lawsuit.
  • Perhaps one of the more popular reasons that people use to get instructors in trouble, the use of misconduct is from inappropriate physical contact. Considering how yoga can have plenty of physical contact, it is no wonder why it is so popular.

Ensure that you are covered in the right areas

Even if you manage to get liability insurance as a yoga instructor, it does not mean that all liability plans are one size fits all. For example, you might apply for studio insurance, but if you also go for private lessons, it likely will not cover the latter. The same thing goes with working for a studio with general liability insurance. It would be a good idea to speak with your employer about how it protects you. Otherwise, you could end up being stuck in a lawsuit that could have been avoided if you had been more thorough. Keep in mind that if individuals want to take advantage of you through liability, they will likely go after loopholes!

While it might seem a bit jaded to think that everyone is after you through liability as a yoga instructor, but you never know what could happen. It is best to stay safe and ensure that you are protected so you are not blindsided by a liability clause.


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